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Live at Rumble Sessions


This is a live recording from Rumble Sessions at the Big Easy in Raleigh NC from February 22nd, 2010. Shyguy aka Danny Holyfield, Phobia aka Luis Thompson, and Jade F used to host this popular weekly. The mix is a smooth, heavily mixed techhouse and techno affair along with some breaks and 80's hooks. It was recorded using a pair Pioneer CDJ 1000's. The guest voice at the start is J-Star and was added in post-production.

Haircut Sessions


This is a groovy and cerebral deep house and deep tech house mix that was recorded in the studio on a pair of CDJ-1000's and a Pioneer mixer. It was long thought that this mix was lost forever...until recently when it showed up on an old laptop as an audio CD ISO. It has been ripped and converted for your listening pleasure and currently holds a coveted spot in heavy rotation.

Fastfood Messiah


This mix is a storming electro/tech breaks mix clocking in at 148bpm with a few 70's, 80's, and 90's gems thrown in just for a little bit of extra spice. It was recorded live at Mosaic's Spring Music Festival in May of 2013 using Traktor Scratch Pro on an S4 controller with 3 track decks and one remix deck. Mastering was provided by Aviation Parkway...aka Andrew Meadors.

Snack at Diffusion, 5-Star, Raleigh
Snack on Afterhours, WKNC Raleigh, 2005 with special guest Tom Foolery
Snack, retired
a brief history

Snack (aka Chris O) starting clubbing at the ripe old age of 17 in summer 1993 and quickly developed a passion for the music that has fueled his EDM-related activities ever since. In 1994 he sold his guitar and bought his 1st pair of Technics. In the fall of 1997, Snack moved to the UK to "study abroad"". While his original intention was to bring the then fledgling drum and bass sound back to the States with him, he found himself caught up in the raw energy of hard dance/UK hard house and promptly shifted focus. While attending all night/day afterparties abroad he developed a love for deep, sexy house music. To this day Snack's styles span a broad range of 4×4 and breaks…from deep and soulful house and techno, to skull-crushing yet funky techno, to smooth and progressive trance. Snack is able to deliver a wide assortment of fresh grooves to the dance floor.

Upon his return to the states in spring 1998, Snack fully immersed himself in the scene as partner in one of NC's most successful production companies, Sonic Boom. The Sonic Boom parties of 1998-2001 helped affirm his reputation as one of the region's leading underground EDM DJs and gave him a suitable outlet to refine his technical skills. During this time, Snack helped with ordering of the techno and trance inventory for Wax Worx, the leading record store in the area. This led to an opportunity to host a Thursday night residency at Legend's in Raleigh for over a year with his partners in crime.

During 2000 and while still a student at North Carolina State University, Snack secured a position as Sales Director at one of the country's leading college radio stations, WKNC 88.1FM. He held the position for 2 years and generated more than $15,000 in revenue for station's treasury. During his tenure at the station, Snack also served as an Afterhours DJ and heightened public knowledge of what has become one of the top EDM radio show formats in the country.

In summer 2001, Snack co-produced and engineered a remix of James Fusion’s "Shock Drum" for 12" vinyl on Milk Recordings. For many years, Snack worked closely with Milk Recordings' Billie Blaze and Primal Instinct's James Fusion to promote the sound of upfront, banging techno/NRG in the U.S.

Throughout the course of his nearly 20 year career, Snack has had the honor of opening for or playing along side world-reknown artists such as Jon The Dentist, Hipp-E, The Dever, Halo, James Fusion, Karl K, Pish Posh, Soulslinger, Doc Scott, Pete Moss, DJ Who, Dara, Samm-E, Charles Feelgood, Scott Henry, Terry Mullen, J-Majik, Angel Alanis, Odi, Danny Da Wildchild, Bad Boy Bill, Richard Humpty Vision, CZR, Dread, Dieselboy, Phantom 45, and many others and has had the additional fortune to play with countless other local and regional favorites. He had the privilege of performing just about everywhere in NC and TN and has even made a few appearances in the midwest and southeast.

Through the mid to late 2000's Snack's activities included promotion, DJ'ing, artist management, and production efforts. As a Gruv Glu, Diffuse Audio, and Deli Fresh DJ, Snack organized, promoted and otherwise facilitated larger semi-monthly events in the area and worked behind the scenes to keep EDM alive in North Carolina. As a DJ, he continued to hone his skills. When not directly performing, Snack often functioned as a liaison, conflict resolution specialist, social lubricant, and scene shrink.

After starting a family and in early 2014, Snack officially retired from the scene...choosing to focus on more strategic initiatives as a mature responsible adult :) . He still, however, lives and breathes underground electronic music as its very much a part of his identity. Legend has it that on any given night, he can be found wandering the streets of Raleigh, pondering the perfect 150bpm mix and day-dreaming about a new tough-as-nails 12" cut on Tinrib.

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